Warbird Aerobatic Competency Evaluator (ACE) Program  

    In the late 1980s the International Council of Airshows (ICAS) developed their Aerobatic Competency Evaluator program to provide check rides for members' Statement of Aerobatic Competency. But warbird aircraft do not have the same flight characteristics as a purpose-built aerobatic airplane, so the EAA Warbirds of America, in conjunction with the FAA, developed the Warbird Aerobatic Competency Evaluator program, based on the successful ICAS ACE program.

    This program has been important to those EAA Warbirds of America pilot members who need an aerobatic competency card to fly an aerobatic routine in air shows or even to perform basic aerobatic maneuvers during a warbird air show. The uniqueness of the program is that it utilizes our own Aerobatic Competency Evaluators, most of whom are also ICAS ACEs and maneuvers are limited to loops, rolls or any combination of the two at a minimum altitude of 250 feet. Surface level maneuvers require a checkout by an ICAS ACE.

    Download the application here: Acrobatic Competency FAA Form 8710.7

    Download the Warbirds Ace Manual here: ACE Manual

    Warbirds Aerobatic Competency Evaluators are:

    Raymond Dieckman,
    Program Director

    Connor, MT.


    Vlado Lenoch,
    Chief Evaluator

    Burr Ridge, IL.
    Certified ICAS ACE

    Daniel Dameo
    Bridgewater, NJ.


    Certified ICAS ACE

    Michael Kennedy
    Lebanon, TN.
    Certified ICAS ACE

    Stewart Dawson
    Celina, TX.


    Certified ICAS ACE

    Fred Johnson

    Ocala, FL.


    Lee Lauderback
    Kissimmee, FL.
    Certified ICAS ACE

    Scott Lesh
    Presto, PA.
    Certified ICAS ACE

    Greg Shelton
    Collinsville, OK.


    Certified ICAS ACE

    Daniel Mc Cue
    St. Augustine, FL.

    Dale Snodgrass
    St. Augustine, FL


    Certified ICAS ACE

    Rick Volker
    Niagara Falls, NY.
    Certified ICAS ACE

    Arthur Nalls

    Lusby, MD


    Jason Somes

    Simi Valley, CA.


    Patty Wagstaff

    St. Augustine, FL


    Warren Pietsch
    Minot, ND


    Certified ICAS ACE

    Steve Gustafson
    Tallulah,  LA


    Certified ICAS ACE

    For further information on the Warbird ACE program contact the Warbirds office.



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