MARCH 2002   ·    VOL. 25, NO. 2

        i n   t h i s   i s s u e


    Sun 'n Fun Preview
    12 Formation Fumbles / Bruce Landsberg
    16 Pilot Egos, Ostrich Eggs and CRM / Dan Bowlin 
    18 Achtung!
    Management of Flying Safety in the Luftwaffe During World War II 
    20 Emergency Landing Techniques
    / FlightFax October 22-28, 1976
    22 The "Eyes" Have It 
    Recognizing when your eyes may be fooling you / Lt. Col. Jay C. Neubauer 
    Budd Davisson
    25 When CFIs Fly Together
    No separation of duties nearly leads to no separation of aircraft / NASA
    Paul Koskela
    26 Engine Out
    Our B-25 Adventure / J. Gary Trichter
    28 Operational Risk Management
    What it can do for us warbirds / 
    Fred Womack
    30 NTSB Accident Investigation School
    Small clues help unravel mysteries / Robet L. Sumwalt III
    36 L-39 Formation Standards
    An idea whose time has come / John Harrison & Buck Wyndham
    42 Mechanics of the Mind
    Training may not adequately prepare for instrument outage / NASA



       c o l u m n s


    From the CO's Cockpit / Michael Schloss
    3 Mail Call
    3 Warbird News
    10 The Way It Was / Robert F. Dorr
    34 Mystery Warbird / Milton Voigt
    40 Squadron News / Larry Smigla
    47 Supply Depot
    48 Calendar of Events
    Front Cover ...
    The L-39. Photo by Jim Koepnick, shot with Canon EOS 1v, 70-200mm f2.8L lens from EAA's Cessna 210 photo plane piloted by Bruce Moore.




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