MARCH 2001   ·    VOL. 24, NO. 2

        i n   t h i s   i s s u e


    Sun 'n Fun Information
    14 Situational Awareness / Fred Womack
    15 On Any Day / Dave Clinton
    20 02 and You Below 10,000 Feet / Charles Nelson
    22 Fast Family/ Scott M. Spangler
    24 Sick With Guilt
    26 Ground Loops
    29 I'll Never do That Again!/ Basil J.F. Mott
    32 Rolling G/ Fred Womack
    36 Complacency and the Aviator


    Front Cover ...
    Formation flying requires concentration from all within the group. The concentration is heightened even more when the formation lands as a group, rather than as individual aircraft. Nonetheless, when done properly, it is spectacular to witness, both from the ground and from the back seat of one of the aircraft, as a photographer Paul Bowen was privileged to do in this flight with the Lima Lima Flight Team.
    Back Cover... Safety starts on the ground, particularly with a cockpit check. Providing that service to your passengers is an example of preparedness.. Photo by Pete Moll.


       c o l u m n s


    From the CO's Cockpit / Michael Schloss
    3 Mail Call
    4 Warbird News
    10 The Way It Was / Robert F. Dorr
    34 Mystery Warbird / Milton Voigt
    38 Supply Depot
    40 Calendar of Events



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